Per Schulz - sång, , akustisk gitarr, el-gitarr, mandolin
Putte Kihl - sång, akustisk gitarr, banjo, munspel
Olov Sjögren - bas, chorus
Anders Engstrand - trummor, chorus

Lyssna på  oss

Inspelat 2016

Don't want to know
I'm on my way
I want Jesus to walk with me
Power in the blood
Living in the rain
Wayfaring stranger
I'll fly away
Well well well
Walking in Jerusalem
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen

Inspelat 2024

All of my tears
Amazing love
Dig a little deeper
Don't let nobody drag your spitit down
Down by the riverside
Goodness of God
May you never
No demon
Oh Mary don't you weep
Troubles of the world
True religion
Up above my head
When you pray
Where the soul never dies
You stand by

Gospel-Mässa 2013
Inspirit & Chrescendokören


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